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Get Involved with AD2SF

Join the public service campaign

Each year, AD2SF selects one local non-profit and plans, creates and executes a campaign at no cost to them—from advertising, public relations, media planning to interactive. The strategic and creative minds behind these campaigns are AD2SF member volunteers, who are mentored by industry veterans from top advertising agencies throughout the development process.

As much as this campaign is about helping a non-profit, it's also about giving members the opportunity to explore other skill sets or perfect their current area of expertise. If you're an account manager but have always wanted to try copywriting, you can do it here. It's also an eye-catching "real-world experience" line item to include on your resumé.

This year we are working with City Youth Now, a non-profit that provides services to foster and delinquent youth in San Francisco.

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Become a committee or board member

This is one of the most immediate and direct ways you can affect the direction of AD2SF. There are nine elected board positions and a committee that functions under most of them. While you must be an AD2SF member to participate, we welcome the opinions and insights of anyone willing to contribute their time and talents.

Currently, we are recruiting for the membership, public service and student ADDY committees.

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Become an event or club sponsor

Think of your generous sponsorship as an investment in the longevity and relevance of advertising and marketing. With your help, AD2SF can continue to prepare the future leaders of our industry for a more competitive and ever-changing environment.

Event sponsorships are a one-time financial or in-kind donation that supports individual events that AD2SF hosts by itself or partnered with other organizations.

Club sponsorships are yearly, beginning the day the payment is made. The funds generated are added to the AD2SF's general account, dispersed at the Board's discretion to support day-to-day operations, travel stipends, marketing materials, etc. There are three levels – Gold, Silver and Bronze.

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Bay Area ADDY Kick-Off Party on Friday, Dec 14th, at Duncan/Channon.

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